When a small town is robbed of everything, an unlikely group of heroes take back what is rightfully theirs.



Terrible Timothy Take-It

Timothy’s father died when Tim was just a baby chicken. His mother went to work to support Timothy and his brother, Teddy. Timothy and Teddy were alone often, and got teased and bullied by some older chickens. One time an old rooster who couldn’t see well, accused Tim of stealing some corn. Tim did not steal the corn, but the other chickens began calling Timothy, "terrible". Timothy decided if they called him "terrible", he would become terrible. Now Timothy is the leader of a band of rogue Take-its, who continue to take what belongs to others. Timothy wants to be good, but circumstance has led him down a slippery slope to mischief.

Claralyne Cluck

Claraline Cluck is the oldest daughter of Cora Cluck, descended from a long line of Clucks, who have managed Eggtown’s supply of eggs for many years. Claralyne was always a funny, hard working and independent little chicken. She loves to sing and dance, and she loves to tell stories to young bunnies and chicks. Claralyne tells a new story each day at Eggtown’s library during "Chicken Chat". Three years ago Claralyne built her own coop, and is proud to be as strong as any rooster in Eggtown. Helen Hen and Claralyne luck are best friends since the first grade. Now Claraline is the robust and energetic manager of Hatch House, the place where the world's supply of Easter Eggs is created. Claralyne is bossy and assertive, and always speaks her mind. She loves her job!

Boss Bunny Baker

Boss Bunny Baker’s real name is Bobby. Everyone in Eggtown calls him, ”Boss”, because he acts so bossy. Bobby had 13 brothers and sisters growing up, and Bobby was the oldest. Thirteen bunnies were a lot of work to take care of, so Bobby’s mom and dad relied on Bobby to help. His parents would leave Bobby in charge when they went to work, and Bobby became the boss. One day, Bobby’s brother said to Bobby, “You’re not the boss of me”, and Bobby replied, “I am the boss!”. After that, they started calling Bobby “Boss”. And the name stuck.

Big Boring Benedict Bunny

When Benedict Bunny was a little boy, he hurt his foot. After that happened, Benedict was not able to run or hop as fast as other bunnies. Because Benedict could not run with the other rabbits, some of the bunnies called him boring. Some bunnies would not play with Benedict. They called him "Little Boring Benedict Bunny". One bunny hit Benedict. This made Benedict very sad and afraid. When Benedict grew up and went to school, he was no longer a tiny, little bunny. Benedict had become a big rabbit. The same rabbits that had hurt his feelings when they called him, "Little Boring Benedict Bunny", started calling him, "Big Boring Benedict Bunny"! This upset Benedict even more. Now he was being called boring and fat. Benedict became very sad and shy, but Benedict is one smart bunny. He loves to read and he is nice to everyone. Benedict believes we should never say things that hurt anyone. Now Benedict is Eggtown's shy and reserved school headmaster and music teacher. Benedict feels badly that some call him, "big" and "boring". Benedict is in love with Horrible Harriet Hare, but is too insecure to tell her or show it.

Good Gracious Grasshopper

There is a good reason Good Gracious Grasshopper is a most popular fellow in Eggtown. One day, Terrible Timothy was playing in a field of grass, when he heard a crying sound. He found a new baby grasshopper alone in the grass, with no food or mother and father. Timothy searched for the baby’s parents but was unable to find them. He rescued the little grasshopper and brought the baby home to his mother. Eggtown was searched for the grasshopper’s mom and dad, but they were never found. Everyone in Eggtown got together and took turns taking care of the little grasshopper, who’s first words were, "good gracious". Good Gracious Grasshopper was everyone’s child, and the grasshopper loved everyone in the Eggtown. Now GGG is the town's detective and snoop. This little grasshopper is always on the look out for trouble and Take-its. Good Gracious has no birth family of his own, so he is vigilant and protective of his friends and neighbors. Good Gracious witnesses the great robbery getaway.

Helen Hen

Some bunnies say that Helen Hen was the prettiest chicken in Eggtown. Many of the boy bunnies in her neighborhood would bring carrots to Helen, hoping to gain her favor. But Helen was not easily wooed. One time she was chickenapped by Take-its, and Helen was brave and clever enough to escape. Helen Hen is a lot more than just a pretty face!

Horrible Harriet Hare

When Harriet Hare was a young bunny, she was the smartest rabbit in her class. Harriet was also the tallest rabbit in her class. One rabbit, Bonnie Bunny, was annoyed that Harriet always knew the correct answers to the teacher’s questions. So Bonnie began to embarrass Harriet in class. Bonnie started complaining she could not see the chalkboard because Harriet’s ears were too big and were blocking her view. Once she took Harriet’s lunch carrot when Harriet wasn’t looking, and when Harriet complained to the teacher, Bonnie Bunny called Harriet, "horrible". "She's 'Horrible Harriet Hare'", shouted Bonnie. After that, Bonnie and her friends began calling Harriet, "Horrible Harriet Hare". Now Harriet is a smart, lonely and occasionally over-bearing schoolteacher. Harriet is painfully aware that some folk call her "horrible Harriet". Harriet secretly loves Big Boring Benedict Bunny, but doesn't believe anyone would love someone called "horrible". Harriet convinces the town that Tiny Tessie, a frail old hen, could not be responsible for all the robberies.

Tiny Tessie

Tiny Tessie was the smallest chicken ever born in Eggtown. Tessie was so small that her neighbors began calling her Tiny Tessie. But Tessie’s size was the only tiny thing about her. She had a big heart and a very large brain as chickens go, and she was a courageous and determined young girl. When she was only 6 years old she rescued her friend Helen Hen from an electric fence, and Tessie got zapped in the process. Since that day, Tessie shakes all the time, but it hasn’t stopped her from doing what she wants. She is sad that her son, Timothy is called, "terrible", and she loves him very much. Tessie hopes Timothy will become a better chicken.

Grab Takit

Grab grew up not far from the swamps near Eggtown. His father chased off an intruder wolf one day, and Grab never saw his father again. He grew sad and angry, and Grab began to resent his friends who had fathers. He began taking things from others: food, toys, (he stole Harriet’s flower pots one day for target practice). Eventually, Grab grew older and joined with the Take-its, who also steal things and take from others. Grab is not a happy Takit and still misses his father.


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